Rhinophyma Repair
Rhinophyma Repair
Rhinophyma Correction before 1-1
Rhinophyma Correction before 1-2

Rhinophyma Correction after 1-1
Rhinophyma Correction after 1-2

Rhinophyma before Plastic Surgery
Rhinophyma before Plastic Surgery

Rhinophyma before Plastic Surgery
Rhinophyma 1 week post-op

Rhinophyma after Plastic Surgery
Rhinophyma after Plastic Surgery

***** (5/5 stars) Rhinophyma (Enlarged Nose from Rosacea) Plastic Surgery Repair Testimonial — see above photos

2016 Rhinophyma Nose Plastic Surgery Correction (handwritten Thank You Card from Mark J.)

“Doc Strimling, Thanks so much for not giving up on me. I am so excited to see the new me. I’m no longer in pain and can breath again (out of my nose). I will never forget your efforts. Thank you, Mark J.”

What is Rhinophyma?

Rhinophyma is a condition characterized by an enlarged nose secondary to an abnormal overgrowth of skin and oil glands and other tissues of the external nose. Rhinophyma is traditionally considered a variant of facial rosacea and is often associated with other signs and symptoms of rosacea to varying degrees.

Rhinophyma eventuates into an enlarged, bumpy / lumpy and unsightly appearing nose that can obstruct air flow and can only be corrected surgically.

Dr. Robert Strimling, MD of Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute specializes in plastic surgical correction of rhinophyma. Correction of rhinophyma is a delicate, laborious sculpting process that may require multiple surgical techniques, including scalpel, electrosurgery and laser during the procedure to achieve the kind of results that we strive for: those that exceed our patients expectations.

A pre-surgical appointment with Dr. Strimling is required so that he can listen to your concerns, examine you and determine the best course of action together with your input.  He will thoroughly explain the proposed treatment plan, what to expect, any before and aftercare and answer all of your questions.

With over 25 years experience, our “Award Winning Cosmetic Surgeon” Dr. Strimling is one of the most experienced cosmetic dermatologic surgeons in Las Vegas.  Also, our dermatologists have been voted or selected among the "Best Dermatologists" in Las Vegas and America multiple years.

Local and distant, out-of-town patients seek out Dr. Strimling for their rhinophyma correction.

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