Cysts and Lipomas
Cysts and Lipomas

What are Cysts and Lipomas?

Cysts are roughly sphere-shaped benign growths of the skin or deeper tissues, usually composed of an outer lining and various other inner liquid to semi-solid body materials.

Whereas, lipomas are benign tumors of relatively normal appearing adipose (fat) cells.

What causes Cysts and Lipomas?

Cysts are commonly caused by a blocked duct, inflammation or genetic predisposition, but they can also occur without a known cause. The cause of lipomas is usually unknown or genetic.

What treatments are available for Cysts or Lipomas?

Cysts and Lipomas (Fat or “Fatty” Tumors) are easily treated in our state-of-the-art, full service out-patient dermatology office and surgery facility.

No need to go to the hospital or outpatient surgery center and incur additional cost.

Cysts and / or lipomas are usually best removed surgically to prevent recurrence.

Occasionally, a cyst may be inflamed with or without associated pus formation. Small, inflamed cysts without drainable pus (e.g. acne cysts) may be treatable by intralesional injection of a very small amount of anti-inflammatory medication using a very tiny needle and an oral antibiotic. Otherwise, an inflamed cyst with pus pocket formation (or abscess) usually requires incision and drainage with or without medicated gauze packing and an antibiotic. (Any gauze packing used is removed in 24-48 hours. Removal is painless.)

Having treated / removed thousands of cysts, lipomas and other similar skin lumps and bumps over the years, our board certified dermatologists are experts at diagnosing and helping you decide on the best treatment approach to eliminating cysts / lipomas and other benign growths safely, effectively, with a minimum of discomfort and the best possible cosmetic outcome.

Usually, cysts and/or lipomas can be easily removed at an initial visit, unlike many other clinics that require you to reschedule another separate appointment for removal or treatment.

To prepare for such a visit that may involve surgery, we ask that you avoid any blood thinner medications for at least one week prior to your appointment, if possible. Blood thinners include aspirin, Plavix, Coumadin (& related medications), and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs [e.g. ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin)]. Any prescription blood thinners should be temporarily avoided per approval and instructions from your prescribing physician. If stitches are used, then, sutures are usually removed in 10-14 days. At home aftercare instructions will be provided to you and possibly an oral antibiotic.  

Untreated inflamed cysts can lead to permanent, undesired scars. Early diagnosis and treatment are paramount to achieving the best possible outcome.

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