Botox for Jaw Reduction, TMJ Syndrome and Bruxism (teeth grinding)
Botox for Jaw Reduction, TMJ Syndrome and Bruxism (teeth grinding)

What is Botox Jaw or Jawline Reduction?

Botox jaw or jawline reduction (aka face or jaw or jawline slimming) is a non-surgical facial reshaping procedure.

Dr. Robert Strimling, MD is highly experienced & skilled in Botox jaw reduction. Dr. Strimling also corrects unsatisfactory procedures done elsewhere. Patients as far away as China, Korea and Japan have sought out Dr. Strimling for this service.

Although a strong, square jawline is considered masculine & desirable in males, many females prefer a more rounded, thinner oval or heart-shaped face, which creates a softer, more feminized and attractive facial appearance.

Prior to Botox, which has revolutionized facial reshaping, jaw reduction surgery was the only option for these patients. Jaw reduction surgery requires a long, often painful recovery, and results can be inconsistent or unnatural. Botox is generally safe, effective, non-surgical, painless, and without downtime.

By reducing the width of the jawline, the Botox jaw reduction technique transforms an overly square and masculine face into a more graceful, pretty and ideally feminine oval or heart-shaped face. In some patients, an enlarged masseter muscle (a cheek muscle used for chewing) creates extra facial width that can be selectively & gradually reduced over time with Botox (or Dysport, a similar FDA-approved neuromodulator). Botox relaxes / weakens the muscle and thereby, causes “shrinkage” over time.  Sometimes, excessive overlying subcutaneous fat may also be contributing to facial width and dissolution of the fat with Kybella injections may be recommended in addition or instead of Botox.

An enlarged masseter muscle may be genetic, as in some Asian females or may be partially due to personal habits; such as, excessive chewing, often associated with gum or hard objects – like, tough meat or ice. Often stress-related, bruxism (i.e. night-time teeth grinding) may enlarge your masseter muscle. Botox may reduce bruxism, as well. Symptoms of Temporal-Mandibular Syndrome may be improved with Botox.

Botox jaw reduction / face slimming candidates are personally evaluated and examined by Dr. Strimling to determine the precise desires of each patient. After careful examination, Dr. Strimling’s specialized and exacting technique typically results in a painless and bruise-free experience, allowing our patients to immediately continue with their daily routine. There is no need to miss work; many patients schedule during their lunch break. After treatment, expect softening of your cheek muscles within 1-2 weeks and noticeable jawline softening and improvement in 4-6 weeks. Some patients will require a touch-up or second treatment at 2-4 months. Most patients require periodic maintenance treatments at 4-6 month intervals. Occasionally, results last longer or may be semi-permanent after 2-3 treatments, as reported by some researchers and patients.

Skilled and experienced in Botox jaw reduction / face slimming, Dr. Strimling also corrects unsatisfactory Botox jaw reductions / face slimmings originally performed elsewhere. Dr. Strimling’s specialized analysis and artful, precise Botox placement provides long lasting, aesthetic and symmetrical results. An injector must possess a keen eye for facial aesthetics as well as expert knowledge of the vast and complex facial anatomy.

If possible and advisable by your primary care physician, avoid aspirin, Advil and other blood thinners for 5-7 days prior treatment. Otherwise, generally, no restrictions exist. Contraindications include patients who are pregnant or nursing. Botox should not be injected into an area with an active skin or dental infection. Neuromuscular conditions myasthenia gravis and Lambert Eaton Syndrome, as well as the use of some medications (specifically, aminoglycosides, penicillamine, quinine and calcium channel blockers) may require caution and/or a reduced Botox dosage.

Side effects are unusual, temporary and not dangerous in cosmetic dosages. Significant side effects are related to an excessive response or unintended toxin spread to adjacent muscles, and any such unintended effects are transitory.

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